Colin Demarest in an experienced reporter who is never without his notebook and Nikon.

He has covered and reported on a breadth of topics and has a liking for government, the arts and open meeting law.

He has held positions as an editor; as a communities reporter – covering five towns and two regional school districts; as a political reporter during the 2016 presidential election; as a feature writer for an alternative monthly magazine; and as a hyper-local neighborhood reporter.

Colin has been involved with photography for approximately nine years, having started with film and a 35mm camera. As the cameras got bigger – medium format to field cameras, for example – so did his love for photography.

Colin has been published in the Berkshire Courier, the Berkshire Record and the Berkshire View, all of which cater to a New England readership. He has been published in the Free Times, the Carolina Reporter and the Columbia Voice, three publications that explore the Columbia, South Carolina metropolitan area. He has also been published in the Charleston City Paper, the Times and Democrat and the Hampton County Guardian, three South Carolina news outlets.

Colin can expertly combine video, audio, writing and photography to craft a well-rounded story. He has not only the leadership skills, but also the artistic passion to enhance any newsroom or publication.